City Bank Bikes Loan System In Bangladesh

City Bank Ltd is one of the most prominent banks in Bangladesh. With the current pandemic, lots of bike lovers ­­are dumping the idea of using public transport and are thinking to move towards two-wheelers. Many won’t be able to afford to buy a motorcycle with full-on cash but would prefer to buy through a loan process & City Bank Ltd has just the facility for that in City Bike Loan.

City Bike Loan was created to facilitate the increasing demand for motorcycles in Bangladesh. Currently, it has been offered through banks in Dhaka city but bikers outside Dhaka city can also look for this facility. One of the best things about this loan facility is that the biker won’t need to go to any City Bank Branch & also enjoy this facility through a virtual credit card.

Parameters of the loan:

  • Loan amount up to 10 lac.
  • Financing up to 80% of the bike’s retail value with registration.
  • Financing up to 100% of the bike retail value with registration for WOMEN & CBL Employee.
  • Installments facilities ranging between 6-36 months.
  • Financing up to 95% against City Bank FDR

The people who are eligible for getting City Bike Loan:

  • Salaried Executives
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Businessperson
  • Landlord
  • Foreign Remittance
  • Ride-Sharing service
  • Freelancer

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Working Experience:

Salaried Person: 1 year
Business Person, Freelancer or Professional: 1 year
A person in ride-sharing service: 6 months
Foreign Remittance Earner: 6 Month

Minimum Monthly Income

  • Salaried Person (CBL Staff) – BDT 12,000
  • Salaried Person (Account Payee): BDT 15,000
  • Salaried Person (Cash Payee): BDT 20,000
  • Business Person, Professional, Landlord/Landlady: BDT 25,000
  • Freelancer- BDT 30,000
  • A person in ride-sharing service: BDT 15,000
  • Foreign Remittance Earner– BDT 20,000

Interest Rate:

  • General Public – 12.99 %
  • Women Customer – 11.99%
  • TVS,Yamaha, Bajaj & Honda customer – 11.99 %
  • Ridesharing partner – 9.99 %
  • City Bank Employee – 4.94%

EMI amount chart

City Bike Loan
City Bike Loan

Other fees & charges:

  • Processing Fee: 1% of Sanction limit + Vat (Waived for Female and CBL staff) & 5%  for Bajaj Customer
  • Documentation Charge: 1000 + Vat (Waived for Female and CBL staff)


  • Joint registration of two-wheelers (waived for CBL Permanent staff)
  • One repayment cheque for full loan value including full interest

As this is a Bank loan so there are many other types of formalities that you have to go through. To know more about all these please contact City Bank Hotline number: 16234


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24 thoughts on “City Bank Bikes Loan System In Bangladesh

  1. Tusar bin Kamal says:

    Ami Bike Loan nite cai.Apnader showroom ta kothai?

    1. admin says:

      TVS Sales Point ( 60 Feet )
      86 Barobag, 15/1/1, Kamal Soroni Rd, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
      +880 1919-199400

      1. Aarabindu Bain says:

        Ami TVS Styker 35000 Cash Diya Installment a Nite Cay Kii Vabe Pabo Aktu bolben Please

        1. Dx Sraban says:

          call for details 01955980370

      2. md rony prodhan says:

        bike lagto

      3. Md sohel says:

        Ami bike loan nite chai
        Chottogram fathikchaari

    2. Md sohel says:

      Ami baik loan nite chai
      Fatickchhari ctg

    3. Md Mehidy Hasan Shuvo says:

      Ami bike lone neta chi. Amaka help korun

      1. Dx Sraban says:

        Please call 01919199400

  2. মোঃ শাহীন মান্নান says:

    আমি এপাচি 4v ডাবল ডিক্স নিতে চাই লোনের মাধ্যমে,, বাড়িভারা পাই ২০হাজার টাকা কিভাবে নিতে পারবো প্লিজ জানাবেন,,, মোবাইল 01860962378

    1. Dx Sraban says:

      Please Contact 01955980370

  3. Abu bokor says:

    Ami tvs refresh edition abs bike ta nite chai 45000 tk down payment die ki nite parbo?
    & Ami job kori jekhane sekhan theke amay cash payment kore monthly 21000 tk
    Amay sohoj vabe bike nite hole ki kora lagbe janaben please

    1. Dx Sraban says:

      Please Call For Bike Loan 01721885737

  4. Smsharfarraz says:

    Aami tvs radion instalment e nite chai, pls janaben ki vabe nite parbo

    1. Dx Sraban says:

      Please Call For Bike Loan 01721885737

  5. Rahat says:

    Ami akij group a job kori, amar basic salary 12000tk, shob miliye around 15000 tk pai.. ami city bank bike loan a bike nite chacchilam

    1. Dx Sraban says:

      Please Call For Bike Loan 01721885737

  6. Smsharfarraz alam jhony says:

    Aami instalment e radion tvs honda nite chai, ki vabe nibo pls janaben?

    1. Dx Sraban says:

      Please Call For EBL Bike Loan 01721885737 & for City Bank bike loan 01955980370

  7. Md. Yousuf Ali says:

    ami salary pai bkashe. Salary 23500/=. Ami bike loan pete pari.

  8. Shazid says:

    আমি আবুল খায়ের গ্রুপ এরজব করি আমি ৩০ হাজার টাকা প্রথমদিবো আর গুলো কিস্তিতে দিবো আমি কি নিতে পারবো tvs 4v

  9. Robiul says:

    amr bank 30 hajar tk ache ami ki tvs raider nite parbo emi te 36 kisti

  10. Robiul says:

    30 diye raider nibo,,baki kisti 36 manth pabo ki

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