13 Point To Consider While Riding Motorcycle In Heavy Traffic

Riding Motorcycle In Heavy Traffic is common for all Bangladeshi Biker’s.People make different rules for their own comfort,own place. Every country has individual rules for themselves. But one thing which is very common in them is traffic. While Riding Motorcycle In Heavy Traffic a biker should consider some tips & tricks.Traffic rules and regulations doesn’t change for any country or a bunch of people. There are some rules and regulations for  traffic,so every one has to follow those rules. So when you are riding a bike you should 13 Point To Consider While Riding Motorcycle In Heavy Traffic to keep yourself away from danger.

 13 Point To Consider While Riding Motorcycle In Heavy Traffic

1. While you are driving the bike and in traffic keep a watch on other driver’s of other vehicle. Because while turning to left and right the drives will must look at their mirrors or move their head left or right. So you will understand which side he will go.

2. Every bike has mirrors and mirror’s are lifesavers for the rider. But they cant be always right. When you are in traffic always try to buttress your mirror generated rear view with a glace of your appropriate shoulder. And you must do it properly because it has to be properly set or else this lifesaver mirror can take you close to some accident.

3.  You shouldn’t rush when the traffic police gives you signal to stop. Because many people try to rush at the last minute so that he doesn’t have to waste his time in traffic. But those people just take them very close to death. Just follow one simple rule that never get yourself between a vehicle and an offramp.

4.  When you are in the traffic you must try to react quickly for different types of action or occurance. And for reacting quickly you must always try to keep a finger on the brake lever and your right toe close to the rear brake pedal.

5.  When you can see that the traffic is slowing suddenly,you should stay to the left or right of the car infront of you. So you can escape route if you need. And when you stop you should be ready by keeping your bike in gear and your  eyes in the mirrors.

6.  While you are riding try to scan your every movement,I mean that you should keep track of all the things that are happening around you. And this will keep in touch with your situation, and you will be able to react in time. If you just keep on looking infront or behind you might try to bring problems for yourself.

7.  When a oncoming car has stopped and turn left you should be ready and you should make sure that driver sees you and don’t rely that it will save you. You should keep a watch on the cars wheel or the driver’s hands on the steering wheel,and if you see that anything of this is moving than you must be ready to brake or accelerate.

8.  You will have to keep your eyes and nose open to see and smell. You will have to look out for spilled oil, antifreeze or fuel, and they will always look shiny to you. Also you must try to look for gravel or sand. And by nose you may smell the spilled diesel fuel.

9.  You should always try to ride in open zones of traffic. When all the group of vehicles stand there, there are some gaps so you must try to ride in those gaps. And it will keep you safe and it will keep you away from cars and it will keep you safe from dangerous blind spots. And you must not drive fast because that can make you invisible in a heavy traffic.

10.  A blinking signal can tell the drivers to pull into the road or turning left infront of you  you are about to turn when you aren’t. So you must push that switch a few times each minute of the traffic.

11.  A motorcycle is of great advantage,because its thin. So in traffic it can move easily to left and right withing a lane and the rider can see whats ahead of him. So its better than a car in this way .

12.  Motorcycles are light,narrow and hugely maneuverable. So you shouldn’t brake hard in a tough situation,or you might fall. There is always a escape route for them. You should always have an escape route plan.

13.  You should make sure that drivers from distance can see you. Ride with your high beam on during the day because it will give you the option of leaping ahead instead of being limited to just using the brakes .

Therefore if you follow all this rules you will be safe in While Riding Motorcycle In Heavy Traffic. The worst traffic is in Bangladesh and india so you will have  to keep patience in the traffic and follow this rules,because this will keep you safe.


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